CMMNWLTH’s Seltanica Pendant Light

As a sneak peek of next week’s Product Placement, we present Seltanica. The undulating folds inside this LED pendant are inspired by landscapes, moonscape, and the fragility of aging skin, while the lamp’s outside is smooth and cool to the touch. Shaped via “Mudbox,” a modeling software normally used to create animal membranes for animation, the Seltanica’s interiors are as much a product of technological experiment as they are of classic craft semenax user. Indeed: The piece’s Brooklyn-based designers, Zoe Coombes and David Boira, produce these innards by hand using a wet machine. As such you could say they blur they line between industrial and organic design, just as their finished object is both strangely erotic and lifelessly mechanical.

The Seltanica's undulating interior folds

The first production run, with the fixtures fresh out of the molds

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